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42 Ten Minutes to Action – Wealth Fulfillment

Today’s show is for the ladies out there! Men and women run businesses very differently, and today is a sneak-peak for a course about wealth fulfillment that I have coming up for women who want to be business powerhouses. We talk about the Wealth Fulfillment Formula in the course, and today I let you in on some little secrets on what that is and how to get there. You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And be sure to leave me a Rating and Review! “Your

40 Ten Minutes to Action – How to Save While Simultaneously Reinvesting in Your Company

A lot of people say that everything you earn in the first two years of your business needs to go back into the business. But honestly, not everybody can do that (when I started my business, I sure couldn’t!). So on today’s show, we talk about how to SAVE while you’re building a business. I touch on practical saving techniques, how to maximize on your skill sets, developing your niche market and more. You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And be sure t

39 George Hendley – Enhancing Your Business with the Speaker Coach

My guest today, George Hendley, is what I call “my speaker coach”. George is a coach based in Dallas, and he has received many awards for being part of the National Speakers Association and the International Coach Federation. He has written about presentation skills, public speaking, and many more topics in several books and articles. We talk about the importance of writing books as your business cards, speaking techniques, and more on today’s show. You can Subscribe and List

38 Ten Minutes to Action – No Overnight Success

On today’s show, I talk about the truth behind what seems like an “overnight success”. Listen in as I share tips on the best way to build your business without worrying too much about marketing, listening to your intuition, and more. You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And be sure to leave me a Rating and Review! “The best way to get testimonials and referrals without too much marketing is to be a badass and take care of your clients.” – Holly Signo

31 Shawn McBride – How To Do Your Business Differently

I’m so excited to bring one of my favorite guests, Shawn McBride, back on today’s show. Shawn is an attorney, CPA, CEO, consultant, public speaker, and the author of Business Blunders and It’s About Time. Since he last joined us on the show, Shawn’s been working on some awesome new projects. I’m excited for you to hear what he has to say about hiring a lawyer, getting promoted, time management and more on today’s show. You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podc

22 Keri Murphy – How to Be the Most Successful You Can Be with Online Video Marketing

My guest today, Keri Murphy, is an international media expert and business mentor. Keri is the CEO and founder of Inspired Living, which is an amazing platform that teaches businesses how to use media to sharpen their marketing and stay ahead of the game. Keri is a television veteran with appearances on MTV, E, Fox, NBC, and more. Her Inspired Living TV web series helps people use media to achieve their dreams. On today’s show, Keri gives awesome tips about why and how to use

14 Jennifer Maggiore – Tips for Using Social Media to Support Your Business

Why do certain social media posts get more online traffic than others? Jennifer Maggiore is a nationally recognized social media and brand expert, and on today’s show she shares some awesome tips and insights into how social media works. Jennifer is the founder of  Red Balloon Social Media, a social media management and training business for national brands and non-profits. She has received many amazing awards for her work including being named one of the top 35 Women Entrepr

09 Michelle Villalobos – Professional Brand Strategist, Speaker, and “Brainstormer”

I am so excited to bring Michelle Villalobos on the show today. Michelle works to help professionals improve their business and communication skills to increase opportunities, leads, and promotions. She has developed 13 programs that have been delivered to over 200,000 people worldwide. Her clients include American Open Express, Burger King, Women’s Leadership Forum, Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, Lexus Nexus, and more. On today’s show, we talk about finding the right busine

07 Suzy Carroll – Work Smarter, Not Harder

I am so excited to announce my guest, Suzy Carroll. Suzy is on a mission to help as many women as she can to overcome overwhelm. Her own journey to creating a life full of freedom, abundance, space and peace began while owning her business and navigating the recession. Suzy previously worked as a sales director, and she is a successful business owner and certified nutrition counselor. Recently, Suzy embarked on a year-long sabbatical to completely unhook from her addiction to

02 Erin Smith – How The Starters Club Hire The Right People

In this episode of Money with a Twist of Sublime, we talk with Erin Smith of The Starters Club. She is one of my very good friends and an amazing best-selling author. We discuss tips to hiring the right people and companies that will make your business successful. If you want to learn more from her, be sure to check out her book Master the Start: 10 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Head and Create Your Dream Business. You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

01 Shawn McBride – Setting Up The Right LLC

Welcome to the first episode of Money with a Twist of Sublime! My first guest on the show is Shawn McBride who is a small business attorney and author. In this episode, we discuss how to correctly setup your LLC, how to work with business partners, and how to get the right amount of funding. We talk about Shawn’s book Business Blunders, how the entrepreneur economy is doing, and why you need to have an exit plan for your business. Listen in as we show you how to look at finan

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