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22 Keri Murphy – How to Be the Most Successful You Can Be with Online Video Marketing

My guest today, Keri Murphy, is an international media expert and business mentor. Keri is the CEO and founder of Inspired Living, which is an amazing platform that teaches businesses how to use media to sharpen their marketing and stay ahead of the game.

Keri is a television veteran with appearances on MTV, E, Fox, NBC, and more. Her Inspired Living TV web series helps people use media to achieve their dreams.

On today’s show, Keri gives awesome tips about why and how to use video as a marketing tool, how to act in front of the camera, why fear and consistency are so important, and much much more.

Enjoy the show!

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“If you’re a business expert or just a business owner in general, you have to use video. You have to or else you are just going to get lost with all the people who are jumping on that bandwagon.” – Keri Murphy

Show Notes:

  1. When should you start a company

  2. How to purchase a talent agency

  3. How to keep someone’s attention

  4. Why is video important for marketing

  5. How to be authentic on camera

  6. Why it is important to be imperfect

  7. How to overcome fear in media

  8. Why consistent messaging is important

“At the end of the day, no one gives a far-fig-nugen if you say everything right. What they care about is how you’re showing up. Are you authentic? Are you giving content that is relevant? That they can use? That makes sense to them?” – Keri Murphy

Links Mentioned:

  1. Connect with Keri Murphy:

“Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. Keep it fresh.” – Keri Murphy
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