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09 Michelle Villalobos – Professional Brand Strategist, Speaker, and “Brainstormer”

I am so excited to bring Michelle Villalobos on the show today. Michelle works to help professionals improve their business and communication skills to increase opportunities, leads, and promotions.

She has developed 13 programs that have been delivered to over 200,000 people worldwide. Her clients include American Open Express, Burger King, Women’s Leadership Forum, Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, Lexus Nexus, and more.

On today’s show, we talk about finding the right business model for your lifestyle, achieving a work-life balance, and acquiring big clients.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Money with a Twist of Sublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“If you think about it you can just as easily say ‘the world is scarce’ as you can say ‘the world is abundant’. There are few things that I can think of in the world that there is more of than money.” – Michelle Villalobos

Show Notes:

  1. The importance of psychology

  2. How to align your business model with your desired lifestyle

  3. Why mindset is important for business growth

  4. How to be your own boss

  5. Which business models work

  6. How to find the right business model

  7. Why hiring other people is important for your business

  8. How to travel while you work

  9. What is the scarcity mindset

  10. How to get big clients

  11. Why finding work-life balance is important

“One of the mindset issues that I find with my clients too is that sometimes when things come easily to us, we think that they are not valuable.” – Michelle Villalobos

Links Mentioned:

  1. Learn more about Make Mine a Million $ Business

  2. Connect with Michelle Villalobos:

“We owe it to ourselves to create a business and a business model that sustain us, that inspires us – that feeds us rather than drains us.” – Michelle Villalobos
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