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39 George Hendley – Enhancing Your Business with the Speaker Coach

My guest today, George Hendley, is what I call “my speaker coach”.

George is a coach based in Dallas, and he has received many awards for being part of the National Speakers Association and the International Coach Federation. He has written about presentation skills, public speaking, and many more topics in several books and articles.

We talk about the importance of writing books as your business cards, speaking techniques, and more on today’s show.

Money with a Twist of Sublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“A book is oftentimes the right kind of tool or entree to get her in front of the types of audiences that she wants to address.” – George Hendley

Show Notes:

  1. Why writing books is the new business card

  2. Why you should take a break

  3. What’s a rewrite

  4. How the law of attraction got so popular

  5. Public speaking tips

  6. Why storytelling is necessary for public speaking

  7. Where to get training on public speaking

“A great speech or presentation with a book, people then have different ways they can access your knowledge, your brain, your experience. And they want that, and in today’s world they need that.” – George Hendley

Links Mentioned:

  1. Connect with George Hendley:

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