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07 Suzy Carroll – Work Smarter, Not Harder

I am so excited to announce my guest, Suzy Carroll. Suzy is on a mission to help as many women as she can to overcome overwhelm. Her own journey to creating a life full of freedom, abundance, space and peace began while owning her business and navigating the recession.

Suzy previously worked as a sales director, and she is a successful business owner and certified nutrition counselor.

Recently, Suzy embarked on a year-long sabbatical to completely unhook from her addiction to busy, put the brakes on her overwhelmed lifestyle and committed to “do less”. During her “year of no” she learned the deep-seated beliefs that kept her on the hamster wheel, created practices to shift thoughts and bring peace, and learned how to say “no” with grace.

We talk about tools for balancing the relationship between work and self-care, especially for women.

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“I really had the words busy and success mixed up, so I thought being busy equaled success. But what I have come to learn is that unhealthy business lacks both attention and focus.” – Suzy Carroll

Show Notes:

  1. Why boundaries are particularly hard for women

  2. How to set boundaries

  3. The importance of knowing your needs

  4. What balance looks like

  5. Why you should escape from work for vacation

  6. How to balance emotions and business

  7. How men and women approach business differently

  8. How your intuition influences your business

  9. Why breaks are helpful

  10. What to do on a 10 minute break

  11. Why multitasking can be bad

  12. How being busy and success are different

  13. Why women are so overwhelmed

  14. How to achieve work-life balance

  15. What feeling depleted can do to your career and happiness

“Now that I allow my emotions to not so much lead me, but guide me…that’s when I stop and ask myself – What’s really going on here? Where am I off balance?” – Suzy Carroll

Links Mentioned:

  1. Learn more about Suzy’s Sacred Selfishness Program

  2. Connect with Suzy Carroll:

“Busyness leads to overwhelm in its addiction form as a way of numbing out. Healthy busy is intentional with focus while creating spaciousness for that self-care. And THAT is what really leads to success.” – Suzy Carroll
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