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40 Ten Minutes to Action – How to Save While Simultaneously Reinvesting in Your Company

A lot of people say that everything you earn in the first two years of your business needs to go back into the business. But honestly, not everybody can do that (when I started my business, I sure couldn’t!).

So on today’s show, we talk about how to SAVE while you’re building a business. I touch on practical saving techniques, how to maximize on your skill sets, developing your niche market and more.

Money with a Twist of Sublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“I think it is more important in the beginning to be strategic about what you’re buying and what the end game is for that.” – Holly Signorelli

Show Notes:

  1. Why you should save first and then pay your bills

  2. How to maximize on your skill set

  3. Why it is better to offer fewer services

  4. Who is your avatar

  5. Why you should have a niche market

“In the beginning, I think what you really want to do is focus on what you do best and what you can make the most money for.” – Holly Signorelli
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