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01 Shawn McBride – Setting Up The Right LLC

Welcome to the first episode of Money with a Twist of Sublime!

My first guest on the show is Shawn McBride who is a small business attorney and author. In this episode, we discuss how to correctly setup your LLC, how to work with business partners, and how to get the right amount of funding.

We talk about Shawn’s book Business Blunders, how the entrepreneur economy is doing, and why you need to have an exit plan for your business.

Listen in as we show you how to look at finances in a new light, and get everything setup correctly so that you don’t have problems down the road.

Money with a Twist of Bublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“Just like a marriage, in a partnership the things that create conflict are always the little things.” – Shawn McBride

Show Notes:

  1. How to not become a statistic and stay in business as a small business

  2. About Shawn’s book Business Blunders

  3. What happened to the entrepreneur economy during the 2008 crash

  4. Why people aren’t saving enough as they should be

  5. The downsides of using savings to finance your small business

  6. How to take out enough money for your small business loan so that you can be successful

  7. How create the right kind of LLC

  8. The risk points of partnerships

  9. Having a discussion with your partners to make sure everyone is on the same page

  10. Why you need to have an exit plan

  11. Why it’s important to make sure you understand your agreement

“You’ve had disagreements with people in your life, why do you think you’re never going to have a disagreement with your business partner?” – Shawn McBride

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