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43 Ten Minutes to Action – Prepare for a New Home

The market for buying a house has been really good for a long time, and I really want to debunk some myths and help empower you to buy real estate.

The process has gotten more and more sophisticated and difficult, so in today’s show, I’ll walk you through some important thought-processes to go through during this time.

We’ll look at how to assess your profit and loss, how much your mortgage should be to live a comfortable life, the best way to file your taxes and more.

Money with a Twist of Sublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“I’m a CPA. I don’t enjoy doing taxes either, but it is really best to set money aside every month or every quarter.” – Holly Signorelli

Show Notes:

  1. How to buy a house

  2. Why you need a good lender

  3. How much is safe to pay for a mortgage

  4. What to be prepared for when buying real estate as a business owner

  5. When does the IRS put a lean on you

“When you’re going into a house and first you want to make sure that your mortgage and your taxes are around 30% of what you make before taxes.” – Holly Signorelli
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