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39 George Hendley – Enhancing Your Business with the Speaker Coach

My guest today, George Hendley, is what I call “my speaker coach”. George is a coach based in Dallas, and he has received many awards for being part of the National Speakers Association and the International Coach Federation. He has written about presentation skills, public speaking, and many more topics in several books and articles. We talk about the importance of writing books as your business cards, speaking techniques, and more on today’s show. You can Subscribe and List

27 Daren Martin – How to Build Your Dream Life

After a break-through a number of years ago, my guest today Daren Martin, changed his life into something truly spectacular. Daren is the author of several books, including his book Whiteboard. He’s a powerhouse keynote speaker who travels the world speaking to various groups and consults Fortune 500 companies on leadership, company culture, sales psychology, and other performance related topics. Known as “The Culture Architect”, Daren is an amazing motivational speaker and c

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