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27 Daren Martin – How to Build Your Dream Life

After a break-through a number of years ago, my guest today Daren Martin, changed his life into something truly spectacular.

Daren is the author of several books, including his book Whiteboard. He’s a powerhouse keynote speaker who travels the world speaking to various groups and consults Fortune 500 companies on leadership, company culture, sales psychology, and other performance related topics. Known as “The Culture Architect”, Daren is an amazing motivational speaker and coach.

On today’s show, Daren joins us to talk about his new life since he started traveling the world as an author and coach, and he gives advice on how to build your dream life. I think you’ll love today’s show!

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“I don’t care how short life is. What if life was 10 million years? Why would you want to spend one second of 10 million years doing something that was a soul suck that you don’t want to do?” – Daren Martin

Show Notes:

  1. How to build your dream life

  2. Why having experience in your field is essential to becoming an expert

  3. What’s the gap between the stated culture and the hidden culture

  4. Why Daren interviews a cross-section of people when he goes into a big company

  5. How does company size influence company culture

  6. What’s it is like to love your job

  7. Why you should change your attitude

  8. How to figure out what you want

“Especially in 2018 and the era we’re living in, opportunity ABOUNDS. It is everywhere.” – Daren Martin

Links Mentioned:

  1. Get a copy of Whiteboard by Daren Martin

  2. Check out Daren’s other books

  3. Connect with Daren Martin:

“A lot of people want what other people have, but they don’t want to do what other people did.” – Daren Martin
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