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Stop Self Sabotaging Mechanisms

Hello it’s Holly,

Today we’re talking about self sabotage mechanisms! Yes, we’ve talked about it before, but we are going to expand on this powerful message!

Self sabotage mechanisms affect pretty much everyone. You may not even be aware of yours because you have been carrying it around since childhood.

Many mechanisms come into play during childhood, and although it could be something that your parents or another authority figure told you, like “money is the root of all evil” or “people with a lot of money are greedy” it’s even more common for self sabotage to stem from a misunderstanding of a situation you experienced at a young age, that stuck in you so deeply that it became a part of you.

How does this affect your business or your finances, or even your free time and most of all, your happiness. Because remember we are here on this planet to have fun No matter what anyone else tells you! I’ll give you a few examples of my own. As a child I grew up with four kids, and as a foster family, we had 44 foster kids so there was always another kiddo In the house. Of course my mom was a stay at home mom, so we had only one income. I had to work at a young age if I wanted those designer jeans and shoes, and you know how important that is for me! So I had an idea that I had to work HARD to get what I want.  This belief system, this self sabotage mechanism was in place for most of my twenties, so when things went great at the office, I would create new work for me, so that I had more hours! Although my company was financially successful, it was MORE financially successful because of the actual work. Until I full understood that mechanism, I wasn’t able to get to the beautiful place of hiring the right people and delegating! I made the most amount of money working the fewest hours, by working (you know) smarter, not harder!

A common SSM is when someone is working hard and and it finally pays off. They have gone without significant money for so long and when they land the deal and realize they are going to make a ton of money, the become very confused and feel unworthy. They don’t know why, but somehow the sabotage the deal! It happens all the time.

Another perfect example would be in relationships! We all know someone who gravitates to relationships that are not good for them right? And when they meet Mr. Right the run the other direction. Well I want to help you with your self sabotage mechanisms. So I’ve created a survey below this video, and if you fill it out, you’ll get a self sabotage resolution right into your inbox! Don’t worry, only YOU will see it!

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to your success!

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