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How Do You REALLY Make More Money?

Oy vey! Everyone is out there talking about “manifesting” and the more they talk about it the less it’s actually happening! In fact, our country alone is in more debt than ever!

​What are we doing wrong? I’ve used this tool for many years, so I’m going to break it down to you in layman terms, because so many millions of people out there are running in circles and thinking that they just aren’t getting results.

So here you go!

1) First of all you have to really grasp the fact that you are powerful person, and that you have a built in mechanism that allows you to create pretty much anything you want. Your belief system has to be strong enough to rise above the BS that so many people are telling you.

You know, things like that you have to work super hard, or do things you don’t really enjoy, to make money. Well it’s not supposed to be that way – I’m here to tell you!

2) To create new money you have to be a “peaceful” place, so I recommend that you do it in the morning, maybe outside, and if you can physically write or type it out in your computer, you will find that you will be in the “zone” of what you really want out of life, because there are many studies that show writing to really impact your beliefs.

It kind of gets you out of your head and into your creative mind. It’s a science thing!

3) Next, you have to let go of the idea, because the more you keep thinking the same thing, then you are actually blocking it. The repetition in your mind is really a form of doubt. It’s ok, we all have it so please don’t beat yourself up about.

Just be aware if you are writing or thinking the same thing over and over. I’ve done this myself many times because it’s so tempting, but let it go and move into a feeling of knowing that it’s coming. This is what shifts you to your more creative brain that comes up with those amazing ideas.

You can’t be in the right brain of creativity while you are overthinking everything in your left brain.

4) This one’s important! You need your daily actions to be in alignment with your money goals, so if you are wanting a new or better job, you still need to go out there and apply.

The wanting part is that you see the best job for you and that you are interviewed by the perfect person, and you get a GREAT JOB! Or maybe you are creating a trip, so you go through magazines and look at pictures and locations and start visualizing how fun the trip will be.

You start putting money aside, even if it’s just $10 at a time, in an envelope, and when you are about to spend money, you consider whether you should buy the product, or put the money into the trip fund instead. It’s all about choices.

It’s all about your intention.

5) Similar to #4, don’t put into action anything that goes against your goals. Some people feel that they have money coming so they go ahead and buy whatever it is they want.

The problem is that 95% of the population (including me) doesn’t work that way. When you spend money you don’t have, it only creates anxiety, and that causes you to slip out of your mojo, which makes the money harder to obtain.

Why? Because you have shifted to stress instead of your creativity, and that’s where the ides stop coming. So don’t do it.

Instead, wait for the money, knowing it’s coming, and listening to your inner guidance. Pay attention to the signs, the people and everything around you so that you can make your move when it’s time.

6) Inspired action based on the signs and inspirations that you get is always fun. It’s not “hard” because you are excited and passionate.

Hard working implies you are doing something you don’t want to do. When I’m excited about a project, I can hold myself up in my home office for days and it’s still not “hard.”

Hard for me, by the way is constantly having to learn a new technology online! Ouch! Definitely not fun.

You get the point right?

So in summary, decide what you want, align your actions with the goal, know it’s coming and allow your creative side to come up with great and innovative ideas. Then work passionately on that idea and watch the money flow!

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve created!

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