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Are we becoming androgynous?

Are we becoming androgynous? Anyone who has read my work knows of my fascination with Gen Y. Some people of certain belief systems call them the Indigos, which stands for a generation of strong and fierce men and women that have come here to change the world. Whatever you want to call them, or whether you think they are lazy and entitled or strong and fierce, I think it’s important to take a neutral and fair look at our countries future with these kids. I can’t help but notice that the men and women of that generation are shifting, and as time goes by, the women are becoming more like men and the men are becoming more like women.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not implying that the men are actually feminine or the women are actually masculine. There is no question that women enjoy being beautiful and sexy, but when you throw in a twist of strength and power, you have a force to be reckoned with! And men that are strong and masculine and yet allow that softer, loving and caring side to shine through- well let’s be honest – I don’t care what your age is, what woman wouldn’t be attracted to that?

What I am really getting at is that Gen Y is, or possibly already has become an androgynous generation that simply doesn’t see prejudice of any kind. They are open, honest (sometimes to a fault), and they see people for who they really are (sometimes to a fault). They don’t care about your sex, your color, your income, or what exactly you do for a living. Clout, fame, and money do not matter to them, at least not in the same way as older generations. They care about your passion, and compassion, and pride in who you are. Who you really are. Note the infamous Humans of New York page which not only has $3.6MM followers but was even showcased by Facebook for its authenticity.

They don’t care how much money you make or how hard you worked for it if you are not sharing that wealth. And if you take the politics or the taxes out of it, shouldn’t we all give back to our favorite charitable organizations or people in need that we are passionate about? Isn’t that part of the way we can save our middle class, by circulating money and wealth, and by sharing and giving freely? Isn’t that how money, on a metaphysical level, comes back to you? Aren’t these basic concepts of spiritual success, not just financial success?

How many people do you know that are wealthy and miserable? I know a lot and I bet you do too. That does not mean that wealth is not OK. There is nothing wrong with working hard and obtaining a vast wealth and keeping some for your future or enjoying those luxury items along the way. But consider this if you are judging the future generation that they are lazy, entitled, and the demise of our future…. They are a product of Generation X, which for the most part has nothing to show for themselves. A high percentage of them do not have savings, are in massive debt, and complain and stress about money all the time. That is how Generation Y grew up and that has greatly contributed to their lack of desire to complete their college education. They don’t believe there is a point in it all, and they want to make the future different, they just haven’t figured out how.

So let’s start by following one simple rule of Gen Y. Let’s release and let go of the prejudice and the judgement, and the roles that men and women are playing. Let’s allow everyone around us to be themselves and follow their own path. Let’s not worry so much about the past or the future. Let’s focus on the now.

Let’s be androgynous.

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