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33 Ten Minutes To Action – Making Your Best Budget

Last week’s episode was all about return on investments and this week’s (drum roll please)… is all about budgeting! Ok, I know that we treat the word “budget” almost like a bad word, but it doesn’t have to be.

Listen in for budgeting gems as I share with you my greatest budgeting techniques, how to manage your books, what to put in your budget, and so much more on today’s show.

Money with a Twist of Sublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“Don’t put something in your budget that it is so big that when you look at it it makes you feel bad.” – Holly Signorelli

Show Notes:

  1. Why no one likes the word budget

  2. How to use QuickBooks in the best way

  3. Why you should look at your numbers every quarter

  4. The importance of writing everything down

  5. How to make a great budget

  6. What types of numbers you should put in your budget

“When you’re looking at return on investment just remember that some of the things that we do that don’t seem to be monetizing, may be monetizing somewhere else.” – Holly Signorelli
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