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20 Debra Maldonado – Life Coach with Love and Money

Debra Maldonado is the CEO of Creative Mind Media, a personal development company that transforms people’s lives through private coaching, in-person trainings, and multi-media online courses.

She coaches women entrepreneurs to help them understand their unconscious mind and personal psychology so they can improve they relationships and achieve their business and financial goals.

On today’s show we talk about money shadows, personal development and business, how changing your mindset can influence your income, and much more. Enjoy!

Money with a Twist of Sublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“We have to start off from the beginning, which is this idea that we all have unlimited potential.” – Debra Maldonado

Show Notes:

  1. How mindset can affect your business

  2. What is your shadow

  3. Why is personal development important for your business

  4. What are the first steps to making more money

  5. Why you don’t have to work hard for your money

  6. How to get out of psychological patterns

“I think the very first step is to first understand that the pattern that we are seeing with our own money out there is an internal unconscious reflection of our own mind.” -Debra Maldonado

Links Mentioned:

  1. Listen in to Creative Love Radio with Debi and Dr. Rob

  2. Connect with Debra Maldonado:

“It’s not really the fear of failure, but it is some kind of psychological emotional piece that is threatened if you get that success. You have to find what that is so that you can really be free.” – Debra Maldonado
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