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17 Tara Travis – Wealth and Leadership Mentor

Today I get to talk major feminine MONEY and WEALTH with Tara Travis!

Tara is a CEO, wealth and leadership mentor, and certified Master Coach who has led women in business into their spiritual and financial liberation for over a decade. Her coaching and consulting has helped hundreds of women heal their relationship with money, reclaim their wealth, and activate their feminine power and leadership gifts.

On today’s show, you’ll be blown away by Tara’s inspiration, passion, and insights. She talks about the relationship between money and spirituality, how to receive more wealth, why money is less difficult than we think, the importance of embracing female energy, and more.

I think you’ll love today’s show!

Money with a Twist of Sublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“Still the biggest struggle I see with women is their psychology with money. And the reason why I believe that it is difficult is because they haven’t had role models to show them another way of being, another possibility.” – Tara Travis

Show Notes:

  1. Why we should give ourselves permission to want more

  2. What is the relationship between work and spirituality

  3. How do you receive more wealth

  4. What’s the difference between how we talk about love and money

  5. Why is making money easier than we think

  6. How do you tune into your body’s wisdom

  7. Why do women struggle with money

  8. What are the principles of abundance

  9. Why is it important to be willing to see things differently

  10. How is your money the energy of your commitment

“We have to rewrite the rules if we are going rise and be wealthy women and men.” – Tara Travis

Links Mentioned:

  1. Connect with Tara Travis:

“Money is easy if you give yourself permission. And I know it is easier said than done, and that’s why I love coaching.” – Tara Travis
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