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03 Tiffany Hendra & LeeAnne Locken – Fashion on a Budget with The Real Housewives of Dall

Today, I have the fabulous LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra from The Real Housewives of Dallas! We’re talking about fashion on budget. Trust me, these ladies know how to dress – on The Real Housewives of Dallas they can’t wear the same thing twice! We talk about where and how to find the best deals, finding the right clothes and makeup for you, and they give details about their experience on the show.

Money with a Twist of Bublime with Holly Signorelli on APPLE PODCASTS
“It’s about challenging yourself to think outside the box. If you say you can’t – you’re right.” – LeeAnne Locken

Show Notes:

  1. How to find the best deals

  2. How to learn fashion and also stay on a budget

  3. Can Real Housewives wear the same thing twice?

  4. About Tiffany Hendra’s life in LA

  5. Where to find cheap Louis Vuitton

  6. The bond that LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra share as friends

  7. How to look like a celebrity

  8. How to find cheap places to get hair done

  9. Why investing in a staple wardrobe is important

  10. Tips for taking care of shoes

  11. How to find good deals on eBay

  12. Why dress size isn’t important

  13. Where Real Housewives get their makeup

  14. About Tiffany Hendra’s move to Dallas

  15. Why participating in charity events is important

  16. How LeeAnne Locken prioritizes charity

  17. What LeeAnne Locken’s personality is really like

  18. Why it’s important they don’t compete with each other

“You have to go on a mission. You have to be intentional about what you need in your closet.” – Tiffany Hendra

Links Mentioned:

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  3. Learn more style and lifestyle tips from Tiffany

  4. Connect with Tiffany Hendra:

  1. Connect with LeeAnne Locken:

“The second you stop thinking about a problem, you’ll find the answer.” – LeeAnne Locken
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