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04 Nellie Akalp – CEO & Founder

Today, I talk with Nellie Akalp from Nellie founded and became the CEO in 2009. It is an amazing company that makes business filings and compliance affordable.

I’m excited to share with you her story. Previously, she and her husband started a different business out of their two-bedroom apartment. They ended up selling it for 20 million dollars! After raising their family and finishing out their non-compete, they decided to start – which is a business dedicated to helping other corporations and LLCs get off the ground running.

In this episode, Nellie gives great business tips and talks about affordable resources for starting your own company.

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“It’s never been about the money for my husband and me. It is about creating solutions to problems that are existing out there and really streamlining the business filings and compliance process for start-ups, business owners, and entrepreneurs.” – Nellie Akalp

Show Notes:

  1. How to start a small business and sell it big

  2. Where to find an affordable attorney for business

  3. Some small business success stories

  4. How CorpNet helps CPAs

  5. Where to get a business entity and compliance set up

  6. How to make your business successful

  7. Where to get help with a trademark strategy

  8. What is the Wealth Fulfillment Strategist

  9. Why don’t people have savings accounts

  10. Why people are afraid to talk about money

  11. The importance of responding to emails

  12. What filings and compliance businesses can do themselves

  13. How CorpNet fills a need in the business sector

  14. Where to get affordable business advice

“There are ways for you to start a business with limited resources, and we’re out there to help you.” – Nellie Akalp

Links Mentioned:

  1. Check out

  2. Learn more about The CorpNet Partner Program

  3. Call at 888-449-2638

  4. Join the Facebook group for accounts, CPAs, and business owners who have questions about business fillings and compliance

  5. Connect with on Facebook

  6. Connect with Nellie Akalp:

“If I haven’t used them, then they aren’t going to part of my partner referral list. Because I think it is very important to have first-hand knowledge of how they are dealing with us and how they are going to handle and deal with our clients.” – Nellie Akalp
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